• Perfect Living Arrangements for a New Family

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    January 8, 2018 /  Real Estate

    My wife and I are very interested in a New Futura condo because we’re just about to start our family. We’re currently living with her parents and frankly the space is pretty cramped. When she announced that we’re expecting our first child, I suspect I wasn’t the only person in this household to panic. Space is tight and introducing a child into this household just isn’t going to work well. We’ve been saving for our own place, but it wasn’t a priority. It is now. We absolutely needed to line up a home of our own.

    We looked around the city for a place to live and kept coming up empty. The thing about living in Singapore is that it’s a very busy city and you have to make sure your priorities are in place. You might find what you think is a perfect living arrangement only to discover it’s not near enough to your workplace. Or maybe it isn’t located close to the places you frequent outside of working hours. It’s a real struggle to make sure you thread the needle and find that one place that works for you and your family. New Futura looked like a good deal.

    My wife’s parents offered to help us out financially with any place we could find. We settled on New Futura for so many reasons. The amenities in the building couldn’t be beat, and the location really worked for my wife and I. It’s so close to my place of work that I could walk there if need be. The most important aspect of the building is that we’ll have plenty of space to spread out and raise our children. There are good school within walking distance as well. We’re pretty excited to line up a living space and get in there and start our lives.

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