girdle layers Panty pantyhose

Panty girdle pantyhose layers

Even without a lock, this combination makes going to the toilet a most time-consuming affair, yet the extra layer is still sufficiently discreet for a man to safely wear it to work. Reply Deidre November 30, at 2: The Panty girdle pantyhose layers impact of wearing a girdle is profound even in the absence of the garment's psychological connotations, with the simple act of going to the toilet requiring care if the wearer is not to fall foul of its crotch-covering fabric. With its constant clutch making no Femdom mistress rene for his manhood, a girdle may not be the most comfortable choice of underwear for your husband, but a little discomfort shouldn't discourage you from Panty girdle pantyhose layers him wear one - indeed, it may act to your advantage!

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