piano Young renoir at the girls

Young girls at the piano renoir

The foreground community of russet tones - the pillow on which the girl sits, the overstuffed chair with its music, and the piano - creates an arc moving Young girls at the piano renoir our right and toward the wall; the bodies of the girls lean forward in a similar but opposed arc; and this arc is restated in the drapery. Printed with UV cured inks providing an incredible high quality printed image which is scratch resistant with colors that will not fade overtime. Yet Renoir here has given a surprising animation to a canvas that Young girls at the piano renoir so little action. We see the piano with its candle holders, the chairs, the tasseled draperies, and in the room beyond we get a glimpse of a stuffy but inviting confusion. A lover of music like most Impressionists, Renoir often represented young girls at the piano.

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